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These works are available by order, the prices vary depending on the type of wood chosen for the project.

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Sculptures of Dogs: Style Asymetrique

In the world everything is balanced, when you work, you are rarely thinking about you.

If you have a pleasant environment with some sweet and supple form; you have a better chance of having a good result in the life.




The lovers: Origin of Mythology old approximatively of 25 century

Cephale abandon the morning that had his delight and come to see Proscris his spouse that he loves only, the Prince would wants a challenge on disguise; if his wife loves him really as she seem to love him? He found her infidelity! She was in a big confusion after, and she runs in the wild to hide herself (after she had recongnize him!). Whatever for this brave prince, he can't to support this break, he try to reconcile with her.For the last reason, she gave him a Dog and Sting. The Dog is now a sculpture stone because the Dog try to catch a very dangerous Animal...





Description lecture: Table model

The Universe's Egg or Creation's Egg is at the top left, with the earth's Pangea and the moon at the Expansion Pangea earth on the right.

Our energy sun with the God that we know like a sage with an extraordinary faith.

The symbolic center of the Solar System is same size as the earth on the table with the miniature planet, like an atom on the bottom left.

The number of solutions to understand a design like this Naissance Style is big, for example if you change the objects' size...

It took 2 hours to determine the design and 9 hours to do the sculpture and 7 hours of Cabinetry.

The price for a Table Model is : $320.00/


Jeweler Work

<<<Mens ring with genuine sparkling diamonds and a cut nwa 2977 lunar meteorite>>>
NWA 2977 is a lunar gabbro meteorite that contains two pyroxenes, olivine, plagioclase shocked
to maskelynite, K, Sa feldspar, and various Cr, Fe, Ti oxides. This cumulate lunar rock
(cumulate=accumulation of crystals by gravity settling in a magma) probably originated in the
lunar highlands environment as a thick lava flow or as a shallow intrusive into the highlands
crust. After formation, the gabbro was moderately shocked by hypervelocity impact. This lunar
specimen is height 9 mm, width 6 mm and 1 mm thick. The lunar meteorite is lying on a very
good basalt.
The Diamonds are the symbol for the stars, the basalt is the symbol for the earth, the moon
meteorite is for the moon: the price of the material together is very high, for example the price of
the gold ring with the diamonds recommended retail price USD $2029.00 and the green lunar
meteorite is more than $400.00 alone! And don't forget my work for making the assembly: I
made this ring this summer 2008. I bought the specimen Stone achondrite (lunar), found 2005,
from a professionnal meteorite hunter and I bought the ring from a professionnal jeweler. I
found the basalt myself, in 2005, the age of the basalt is 17.5 Ma ...
I don't know the exactly weight of the ring, it's approximately: 12 gr. maybe ...
The size is 8.75.
Diamonds: Quantity/ctw 36/0.30ctw 0.060g - shape round - colour I-J - clarity Si3.(Eye clean).

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