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Didier Jégaden


Discovery of a possible shatter cone:

I discovered probably some shatter cones, suevite on August 29, 2010; at this time I didn't think that it could be of extraterrestrial origin, as the rocks were not magnetic but recently I saw that the temperature during the impact is so great, that magnetism can disappear...
(I had found 20 pounds aproximately of material)
I have discovered them in a crater five metres in diameter approximately near the Elk Mountain, in the eastern Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma...:

Most of the rocks around the crater are broken into small pieces; you have to walk at least two miles to find anything other than granite and 4 miles to find a dwelling...

These rocks do not resemble the granite but they are not magnetic, this looks like a shocked and melted rock with a meteorite impact. The analysis has shown (which has me cost $25.00 with a particular) there's 65.5% of iron exactly in shocked or melted rock and 10-15% of iron in the surrounding granite (granite is magnetic)...
The total weight is 10 kg; the form looks like some shatter-cones and the inside like the suevite (the rock is green and seems melted) and perhaps also the coesite. I had dug, by removing the broken Rock (granite) or with the shatter cones, in the bottom of the crater and I found only the usual granite rock...

In the meteorite crater


Shatter-cone interior

Didier in the wichita Mountain



I found this elk antler, in February, near the Elk Mountains (not far from Lawton)... The elk lost his antlers in the winter but not exactely in the same time.

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